Gift Certificates

What is a gift certificate?
Our gift certificates are rechargeable cards that can have a custom amount the purchaser chooses.

Where can I get a gift certificate?
You can buy gift certificates at our box office.

Can I exchange it for money?
Unfortunately no. However our gift certificates are as good as money to be used towards purchases at our box office and concession stand.

How long are they good? Do they Expire?
Your gift Certificate does not expire.

What if I lose my gift certificate?
We are sorry but if the gift certificate is lost then it is lost. Mitchell Theatres is not responsible for any lost or stolen gift certificates.

Can I use it online?
Unfortunately no, the gift certificate can only be used at our concession stands and our box office.

Do you accept Fandango or similar Gift/Promotional Certificates?
We only accept Mitchell Theatres Gift Certificates.